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We would like to thank everyone who has reviewed our site for an award.  Earning an award is a great honor no matter the level of award earned and the time taken during each review process is a gift in itself.  Earned awards are divided into their ratings category for display purposes only.  While we have divided the awards into categories we are honored to have earned each award.


Ratings LevelEarnedPending Applications
5.0 Awards01
4.5 Awards10
4.0 Awards31
3.5 Awards11
3.0 Awards31
2.5 Awards21
2.0 Awards11
1.0 Awards10
NR Awards21

(Ratings level by AS!   NR= Non-Rated By AS!)

Every time a site earns an award it is a great honor and a means to help that site improve for the sake of its visitors.  Every award has a special meaning to both the award giver and receiver.  If you would like to earn a particular award for your site you may go to the awards program by clicking on the award image and apply.

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